Why Worldcom matters

At Do It On, as Portuguese Worldcom partners, we always had in our principles and manifesto a focus on enjoying life and how great it is to be in a pleasant and vibrant environment. Knowing that we’re in a global economy and companies and brands don’t have the same concept of legal and physical boundaries we see happening in country states, and being an independent communication agency, quickly we understood the need of being connected and share principles, ideas, methodologies and even business with other companies that aspire and are ruled with similar principles to ours.

In a moment of our life, we thought about checking existing networks or creating one by ourselves. Fast enough we understood the complexity and the effort that is required to settle a well-known and relevant brand and organization to settle great connections and support those liaisons between partners. Until the moment we had the chance to meet and interact with Worldcom and its partners.

Well, the rest is history… Easily we understood the advantages of being in such a network where people talk to people, not organizations with organizations. Where a brand as a face, a recognizable face in its local market, as well as a profound sentiment of stability, sharing environment, support for each other, and most of all with people who understand the business!

Yes, Worldcom is full of energetic people, who own their business and know their markets as no one else. People that are seen by their peers as great professionals, people you can trust. If you’re reading this and don’t believe me, just do simple search about any agency in the network to understand what is being said about them, as well as about their senior people. The only thing I can ensure you is that you going to amazed!

Nowadays the sharing concept is growing faster and sharing knowledge to make everyone get the chance to create added value to client brands is a rock solid formula to achieve success, and this is something that we see every single day happening among Worldcom partners. #WorldcomStrong

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