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Measure, Manage, Activate and Win

Brands need to adopt new strategies, communication channels, and tools that will lead them to gain relevance in their local and natural markets, as well as in global markets.

The need to be close to their audiences and customers leads brands to seek to be active online and in social networks with greater interaction and prominence. But it is necessary to create a presence with positive impact for your business goals.

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Set to segment ...

One of the key words in Digital Marketing is DEFINE. It is necessary to define the "persona" that best characterizes your target audience/customer, in order to define the best strategies, tools, line and communication policy, and channels to adopt, leading to a better segmentation of the audiences with whom to dialogue and establish a relationship.

Implement to listen ...

With a correct and coherent definition of what you want and with whom you want to communicate, the action plan is put into practice. The creation, optimization, and management of communication and marketing tools and channels used are a critical success factor for any Digital Marketing strategy. The best conversations happen when the receivers listen to what is being communicated to them from the other side. Brands have to take an attentive and critical stance to listen to what their audiences have to tell them. Only after listening should they interact.

Interact to convert ...

The ability to produce instantaneous interaction between the brand and its target audience or customers is essential. The need to define and establish rules and policies of response and daily and constant interaction with customers, allows brands to listen and get rich information that otherwise they can't get. The interaction can happen in performance online advertising campaigns or in social networks allowing brands to promote integrated marketing and communication strategies, where the dialogue with their customers becomes the key point for success.

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Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Strategy Definition

Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation

Definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy

Implementation of SEO and SEM campaigns

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy definition

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Social Media Auditing

Social Media strategy definition

Social Networking Implementation and Setup

Social Content Marketing Strategy Development

Social content production

Social Network and Online Community Management

Development of Websites, Blogs and Online Communities

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