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Making known and bringing recognition that converts

Relations with the media, as well as with the new digital media, require the definition of a continuous communication and information sharing strategy with its target audiences.

At Do It On Agency you will find a specialized team with good connections with the media, cemented over years of working together for the success of each client.

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Know ...

Public Relations seek to make brands known with a focus on creating good will and notoriety that lead to conversion. The ability to get known is also related to a clear vision and definition of who should be impacted by the brand's messages, so that they become customers.

Communicate ...

The clarity of the message and the daily speech is not enough! It is necessary to communicate, that is, listen, analyze, act and dialogue with the brand's publics and customers. A Public Relations strategy allows brands to establish and maintain communication and dialogue channels with the entire eco-system around them.

Measure ...

In a dialog between brands and their publics, the established dialog must be analyzed and evaluated. Measuring the moments of communication, as well as its tone and mode of interaction, allows brands to better understand their audiences, their real positioning, and the vision and value that the brand holds in the market.

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Communication Auditing

Strategic Communication Consulting

Communication Strategy

Press Office

Media Training

Product Communication

Institutional and Corporate Communication

Corporate and Social Responsibility Com.

Crisis Communication

Internal Communication

Digital Communication

Media Strategy

Public Affairs

Publishing Corporate Editorial

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