Why Worldcom is important to us

At Do It On, as a Portuguese partner of Worldcom, we have always taken care in our principles and manifesto to know how to live and enjoy life and how important it is to be in a healthy and vibrant environment.

Knowing that we are in a global economy and that companies and brands do not operate under the same legal and physical concept of borders as we see nation states do, and being an independent communication agency, we quickly felt and realized the need to be connected and share principles, ideas, methodologies, and even business with other agencies that aspire and are governed by principles similar to ours.

At the time in our life, we considered evaluating existing networks or creating a new independent network managed by us. We quickly realized the complexity and effort required to implement an organization with a recognized brand to create excellent connections and support those same relationships between partners. Until we had the opportunity to meet and interact with Worldcom and some of its members.

Well, the rest is history... We quickly realized the advantages of being included in a network where people talk to people, not organizations with organizations. Where the brand has a face, recognized in its local market, as well as a deep sense of stability, a sharing environment, support for each partner, and above all with people who understand the business!

Yes, Worldcom is full of energetic people, who own their own business and know their markets perfectly like few others. People who are seen by their peers as excellent professionals, people you can trust. If you have read this far and still don't believe it, do a simple search on any of the agencies that make up the network to understand what we have been describing, and do the same with the people in charge at Worldcom. The only thing we can assure you is that you will be surprised!

Nowadays the concept of sharing is growing by leaps and bounds, and sharing knowledge to give everyone the opportunity to add value to their client brands is the ideal formula to achieve success, and this is something we can see happening daily among Worldcom partners.#WorldcomStrong

Present us with your challenge and business goals, and we will design a proposal tailored to your needs.

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