Memorable events make brands last longer in consumer imaginary

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Event is

Sharing moments and Engagement Generation

The conception, production of an event requires specialized and compromised teams with your success goals, as well as its integration in the global marketing plan and on the achievement of the business goals.

Is this compromise from Do It On when we're involved in an event development, without taking its dimension. We search the format that better fits in the brand aspirations, even if ti means creating something from scratch that is never been done!

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How we act

What we do for your event

Creativity ...

Every moment has to be unique and memorable. This rule is also mandatory for the events of a brand. It is necessary to analyze, define and create unique models and formats that lead potential participants to want to be there.

Logistics ...

Idealizing and defining the format of an event is the first step. Then it is important to make a survey of the needs of the event and how it will be executed. We seek to work close to not only the customer but also the spaces and entities that allow the fast, simple and efficient execution of the logistics involved in each of the events organized by us.

Effectiveness ...

The success of an event is measured by numerous factors, such as event attendance, speaker’s quality, message relief, quality of catering service, the business generated, among others. At Do It On, we look at each of these factors and try to achieve success in each one, having a constant and clear evaluation of the goals and results that are being obtained.

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What we offer

Our services offer for Events
  • Development of strategy and concept of event
  • Event Schedule Drawing
  • Organization and Event Management
  • Definition of target audiences (corporate and VIP)
  • Logistics definition and management
  • Coordination of the event
  • Customer follow-up during the event and post-event
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Additional Offer

Services to take in care for an Event

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