Digital Influencers: Interact with… or become one

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Digital Influencers are

Someone with impact in a specific digital community

Beyond frequent and relevant brand contents broadcast is also necessary to establish engagement with the new influencers that rule in digital territory. They can be bloggers, youtubers, instagramers or community managers.

Do It On promotes Digital Influencers campaigns structured and analized, with definition of influencer profile type and brand potential impact. Beside third party influence campaigns, Do It On also develops influence campaigns based on brand executive profiles.

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How we act

Establishing meaningful engagement

Identify ...

All groups, movements have spokespeople or persons with a strong ascendant of influence. Same thing happens in Marketing and Public Relations. Do It On seeks to identify daily the potential digital influencers of relief for the brands.

Customize ...

This is a very individual work and focused on the relationship with each of the influencers, their interests, tastes and shares. Do It On develops campaigns focused on creating a close relationship between the brands and each Digital Influencer within these parameters.

Engage ...

It is with basis on the close and interested engagement between the brand and each digital influencer that Do It On defines, plans and draws its personalized activity. Focused on building a strong and lasting relationship, we are driven to work always for the common good, so that all reach their goals.

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What we offer

Our services offer in Digital Influencers
  • Strategic consultancy for relationship campaign with digital influencers
  • Profile definition of digital influencers
  • Implementation of the Digital Influencers Campaign Plan
  • Management of relationship between influencers and brand
  • Follow-up and monitoring of adoption and promotion of the brand by digital influencers
  • Online Reputation Management: ORM
  • Campaign reporting
  • Development of Though Leadership Online Campaigns
  • Development of Online Influence profiles
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Additional Offer

Services to take in care with Digital Influencers

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