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Strong Relations with the Academy

As an agency, we seek to be with the academic community to support the disclosure and adoption of best marketing and communication practices.

The willingness and need to learn new methodologies, techniques and technologies to support marketing and communication, lead us at Do It On to have a natural eagerness to learn and be close to the Academy.

These are also the bases for our approach and rapprochement to the academic community, through the establishment of regular protocols for the promotion of academic internships for students of technical and university courses in the area of marketing and communications, as well as of sectorial areas such as the case of the tourism sector.

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Nyota Project

Academic-Professional Program
Do It On Academy Nyota

Together with the various academic entities, we seek to develop an academic-professional program to give participants a practical knowledge of how an agency works and how it is done the creative labour and client management.

This project aims to shorten the learning curve of its participants and a faster integration in the labor market.

At the Nyota Academy (that means star in Swahili and Lingala) promoted by Do It On, all participants have the opportunity to meet and work in the various areas of knowledge and acting of the agency, such as Marketing, Digital Marketing, Media Relations, Public Relations and Communication.

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